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Best Affordable Jaybird X2 Alternative Is Shockingly Amazing

Jaybird X2 is hands down a great piece of headphones, but it gets hard when we see it coming at not so budget price. So, better to look for an alternative unless you are a total music freak who can spend $200 on earphones. Not to go any wrong, the whole line-up from Jaybird is great but spending a good sum of money in a wireless pair of earphones doesn't make sense to many of us. Luckily, we do have a couple of options in the budget sector for decent pairs, one of them comes from Leaf which is one of the most underrated wireless earphones too. We have been using this for quite a while and here is everything you might need to know before making your buying decision.

Now it is not the most compact earphones especially when compared to Jaybird X2 but don't worry you will not be feeling any weight or bulk on your ears. The volume controls, music controls, call controls also contribute to the housing. For the people who spend a long time on calls, it has the Call Making feature which not only allows the user to have a conversation on the go, but the user can pretty much even dial the last missed call from the earphones directly, which is really nice to see. Talking about the battery life, though the company claims 8 hours of long battery life, we were easily getting 6 hours of music playback with music being played at a decently high pitch. The charge time, on the other hand, is about 1.5 hours which is a standard time. 

But the main part is how it sounds? Well, withholding a not so good previous experience with Bluetooth earphones (except Jaybird X2 and a few others) this was decent I would say. The sound output is great, and so is the bass. We have an impedance of 32 OHM, keeping this in a simple way, higher the impedance higher the power requirement and audio output. In the general terms, anything above 25 OHM requires more power but delivers better sound too.  One thing worth mentioning, wearing them even for a long time doesn't hurt the ears, and it is just a couple of minutes when you forget that you are even wearing them. Also, they are splash resistance to an extent so you can wear them to gym and sweat as much as you can. 

It will be a disaster to compare them with Jaybird X2, but when we say a perfect affordable alternative, it is just perfect. Because you will hardly find a more durable earpiece like Jaybird in this price range which actually matters a lot. So, if you are in the market with around Rs 2500 to spend on wireless earphones, then this is something worth checking. Also, here is a Special Discount Link which will get you flat Rs 200 on a purchase. Pros:- Durable- Good battery life- Decent sound output-  Lightweight- Splash-proofCons:- The metal finish on the back case gives it a kind of cheap look. It would have been great if the company had just settled for all matte finish.