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Everything Worth Watching On Netflix, Amazon Prime This November 

November is here and it's just a matter of 2 months when we say goodbye to 2017. Don't you wanna end it in style? Not to worry, I'm here to your rescue.Well, there's no need to go into depression even if you haven't done anything worth being proud of. There still is time and you still can be a satisfied soul when Jan 1 comes next.Going further down the road, let's focus on the entertainment part. Today, we have brought you the top worth watching T.V. shows and movies that are available on Netflix or Amazon Prime for you to consider before the year ends as a dull one. 

1. Stranger Things Season 2:

Category: Horror, DramaBy the time you will read this, Stranger Things will already be available on Netflix. If you are a T.V. buff, then you might already know about this show but if you are new to this world, this show is worth your time. The story is about a young boy who goes missing and his mother, a police chief, and his friends trying to figure out the mystery. 

2. Oculus (2013).

Category: Horror, MysteryThe 2013 movie will be making a debut on Netflix this November. The horror movie revolves around a woman who tries to exonerate her brother, who is convicted of a murder by proving the murder is committed by paranormal things. 

3. Marvel The Punisher:

Category: Action, CrimeJust like Daredevil or Jessica Jones from Marvel, The Punisher plots on the same concept of action and adventure where a vigilante fights against crime and terror. But because this is the very first time that The Punisher will be making a debut on any platform, it is hard to say how the show will be in real-life, although the trailer looks promising. 

4. James Bond. 

Category: Action, ThrillerWell, if you are into action and mystery, James Bond will entertain you big time. And lucky for you Amazon Prime will feature many James Bond titles this month. 

5. Scary Movie.

Category: ComedyYes, the Scary Movie is not scary at all but a true comedy watch. The story revolves around a group of dumb teenagers who killed a man sometimes back but now are haunted by a masked man. The movie will be coming on Netflix. 

6. Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.

Category: Comedy, AdventureIf you loved Scooby-Doo, then this will be a fun one time watch for you. The story revolves around a place called Coolsville which is under attack by a group of masked people. The Mystery Inc. tries to solve the puzzle with fun things happening around. 

7. The Boss Baby. 

Category: Animated, ComedyFor the people into animated titles, The Boss Baby is literally a fun watch which will go live on Netflix this month. The trailer or things might not have interest you but the movie is really packed with twist and turns. For the starters, the movie is about a suited-up businessman baby who lands on earth to destroy Puppy Co. and is accompanied by his 7-year old brother. 

8. The Departed. 

Category: Crime, ThrillerA great movie indeed!! So even if you have watched this movie you can actually watch this again but if you haven't already seen it, you should give it a watch and trust me it won't disappoint you. 

9. The Peacemaker. 

Category: Crime, ThrillerKind of a Die Hard movie! The plot starts with a US army person and a woman who try to track down and escape a nuclear weapon from terrorists to prevent a terrorist attack. Will be debuting on Amazon Prime.   

10. Nowhere to Run. 

Category: Drama, ActionThough the movie might seem to be an old horse in the race but it still one of the great movie that can give you goosebumps. The story focuses on Sam who takes against the ruthless developers who tries to expel Clydie - a widow with two young children.