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7 Games That Every Gamer Should Have In Their Collection

*Gaming is like a meditation to gamers*So are you a gamer?Yes, that's why you are here at the first place.Owning a pack of great games is the best thing that can happen to a gamer. Being one of the addicts, I really don't remember how many endless hours of my life have I spent on gaming titles. But believe it or not, not every game is Star Wars of the gaming world and there are many titles which just don't taste good enough. Not to worry, just so you don't go on the wrong path, here we have compiled seven games that will level up your collection. And also, we have a surprise for you in the end that might just make your day.

1. Battlefield. 

It doesn't matter which Battlefield version we are talking about, this first-person shooter never gets old. Well, you will find a huge list of online gamers in a team competing with each other to win a battle. Sounds not very tricky but the addiction level is definitely high. 

2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As a gamer, you will be quite aware of this title. And if you do, you must have spent countless sleepless hours in eliminating the other teams. The fact that the CS: GO also supports custom maps and game modes, make it even more interesting by connecting a group of people on a private server. 

3. The Last of Us. 

If you are into horror-survival games, then you should try The Last of Us. The gamer has to control Joel, who escorts a girl named Ellie in an apocalyptic situation outside the United States. The game has exceptional graphics and an intense storyline that might just make you fall in love with this title. Though you will need PlayStation 4 to give it a try. 

4. Destiny 2. 

From the house of Activision, Destiny 2 is already one of the best gaming titles of 2017. Destiny 2 is another online first-person shooting game taking the user experience across the solar system. The aim is to kill and survive against the Red Legion and reclaim our home. 

5. Watch Dogs 2.

Chances are that the gamer in you is also a geek with a lot of interest in technology and hacking. If you belong to this side, then Watch Dogs 2 is a perfect entertainer for you. The user controls a character named Marcus, a hacker who is assigned to clear certain levels and mission in the game. As an open-world game, the user can pretty much do anything with an added advantage to hack people and cars, being a hacker. The game might not be as new as you might want but is still considered as one of the best open world games. 

6. Injustice 2. 

If you're into DC and stuff then you will love Injustice 2. The game kind of reflects Mortal Kombat X but is filled with characters from DC Universe fighting each other. Each character has their own superpowers which is very much based on their original character in DC Universe for instance, you will see Superman flying and The Flash demonstrating his speed. 

7. Resident Evil: Biohazard.

Talking about the best games, Resident Evil: Biohazard is hard to ignore. The game is made dark to give it a more horror look and it's more than just a first-person shooter game. The developer has introduced many puzzles to proceed to the next level where basically your brain and nerdy skills will be required together. Biohazard comes with PlayStation VR support too, well, VR is not a new thing anymore but it definitely makes sense in horror games. 

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