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10 New Features Of Android 8.1 That Will Make You Upgrade The Very Second 

Most of the Android devices aren't even running on Android Oreo 8.0. But, Google has now released a developers' preview of the next Android version 8.1. Installing the 8.1 and the user will right away notice a Google Pixel 2 experience. We get many features which before the launch were only available on newly launched Pixel 2. As this is a developers' preview, it means the user will need to sign up on the Android 8.1 developers page to receive an OTA update for the same. The public version is likely to launch in December, so there still is quite a time for that. 

1. New theme engine. 

The Dark and Light theme were already available in the previous Android versions but what 8.1 brings is a smart theme. It means the theme of the device will automatically toggle between Light and Dark according to the wallpaper.  

2. Battery level of Bluetooth Devices. 

If you use Bluetooth devices like wireless earphones or smart band then it is now easy to know when you might need to charge your Bluetooth devices because now with Android 8.1 you can see the battery level of the connected Bluetooth devices. 

3. New Power menu.

It kind of looks like a mini Control Center from iOS 11. Upon long-pressing the power key, the user will get a new Power menu from the corner of the display. The colour of the Power menu will also toggle according to the theme a user is using. 

4. New Settings menu. 

We have already seen a couple of changes in Android 8 Oreo when it comes to the Settings menu, but the Settings page in 8.1 has some little tweaks. For instance, there is a staunch Search option to quickly search things inside Settings. 

5. New Easter Egg.

*With a new Android version comes a new Easter Egg*We now have an Oreo cookie as an Easter Egg, further tapping in the user can play with the Octopus. 

6. Notification alert.

If any app delivers more than one notification in a second, then the phone will only ring once and the second alert will automatically get queued. Putting this in simple words, now if someone texts a user more than a text in a second than the phone will alert only once and alert tone exceeding this will be dismissed, not to worry the notification will still be delivered to the user. 

7. Wi-Fi on during sleep.

Honestly, many of us never used this feature but just left it as 'Always' by default. Now in Android 8.1, there is no option to keep the Wi-Fi on during the device is sleeping indicating the user will manually have to turn off the Wi-Fi. 

8. Google Sans font.

Google Sans is the new font that the stock users will be using by default. It is pretty neat and clean but it is hard if the user will notice any difference.

9. Apps running in the background. 

With Android 8.0, a feature to notify the 'apps running in the background' was also introduced. It was great to the most part but the only issue was it being a non-removable notification hence it was kind of irritating. But with Android 8.1, the same feature is replaced with 'apps using battery' but this time around it is a persistent notification allowing the user to get rid of it. 

10. Google assistant widget. 

Most of the features introduced in Android 8.1 take the user experience very near to Pixel 2's user interface. If you are aware of the PIxel 2's interface then you might know Pixel 2 has Google Assistant bar at the bottom for quick access, same goes with Android 8.1. For more tech queries connect with me at shreyansh@wittyfeed.com