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10 Useless Apps Available With Strange And Equally Interesting Features

*Not talking about the apps like Tinder which is still kind of useful*In the world where the mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, we have tons of useful apps installed on the phone to help ourself with our day to day routine. Generally speaking, every app has a purpose to fulfill but with the marketplace having tons of useful apps. But you can also find some of them to be so weird that you have to question the reason for their existence. Not just talking about a particular category, the apps in this list belongs from almost every genre possible. So today we are going to cover the top 10 weirdest apps with no reason to be here but are available for the user.

1. Places I've Pooped.

The app is available on iPhone and Android and it tracks the places where the person has pooped. The user can track the locations with the map integrated into the app. Also, it doesn't matter if it is a home, restaurant, or hotel, the app will show every place you have done your business. 

2. Cuddlr. 

If you have no one to cuddle you then this app is here to the rescue. The app simply finds the nearby people with a need to cuddle. 

3. RunPee.

If you are a movie buff and go to watch movies more often, then this app is what you want. This app tells you the boring part of the movie so that you can go and pee in the meanwhile. 

4. Pimple Popper. 

If you are a kind of person who loves popping pimples or watching such videos, you should try this app. This app allows the user the pop the virtual pimples on the phone screen once the user opens the app. 

5. Spirit Story Box.

If you believe in ghosts in a positive manner and want to communicate with them, then this is a perfect app you can find. The app detects nearby ghosts and also allows the user to communicate with them. Just don't be afraid because trust me you don't want to hear anything disturbing. 

6. Paper racing. 

If you want something fun to do while doing your business, then Paper racing is the app you want. The app also allows the user to compete with friends online. 

7. Carrr Matey. 

If you are a person who often forgets the place you parked the car then Carrr Matey can help you. Carrr Matey is the app that shows the way to your car in a pirate way. 

8. IFart. 

IFart allows the user to make different fart sounds from the app. The app offers many different fart sounds to select from. 

9. iAmAMan.

The app is made for men in order to track the menstrual cycle of their girlfriend. The app will tell when their girlfriends are having PMS so they can get the indication of their poor mood. 

10. The X-Ray App. 

This app allows the user to create an X-ray output of an image. Just place the phone over different parts of the body and the app will smartly show the x-ray output of the same.