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Road Rash Is Back With Its New Version & It's Everything The 90s Kids Need

Have you ever played Road Rash?No?Then you probably shouldn't be here! But the only reason why you should proceed is simply that you have played this game like anything and love it to the cores. One of the most nostalgic games of every 90s kid is back with its new version called as Road Redemption. Road Rash which was first introduced back in 1991 has already seen tons of versions but Road Redemption is said to be the best ever update the game has got. With high-end graphics and settings, Road Redemption will totally make you fall in love with it. 


Thanks to the developers, the storyline of the game is still the same. 'You play a recently-paroled felon. After 8 years in federal prison, you must work your way back up from the bottom of your old motorcycle club. As you rise in the ranks, it becomes clear that not all of your brothers are acting in the best interests of the club, and may even be responsible for your incarceration. You must play a pivotal role in the resulting power struggle, with multiple outcomes depending on your actions. Eventually, you can lead your own faction and fight to control territory and drug distribution routes in a war for survival and supremacy.'

All new Missions. 

Road Redemption has few missions in its pocket which allow the user to play in different gaming environment like Police Escape, Combat Race, Assasin, Ambush. 

Motorbikes and Motorbikes.

The original Road Rash was all about motorbike racing and surviving through the hard conditions. Continuing the traditions, Road Redemption is a motorbike racing game only, and no cars are included to race with each other. 


The second thing Road Rash was famous for was killing and surviving and we do see the developers of Road Redemption stepping up the killing game with the inclusion of new weapons like shotguns, AK-47 rifles which were not available in the original. Not to worry, the traditional weapons like Chain and Stun baton are still maintained in the Road Redemption. 

Police are here. 

Talking about the Road Rash and not discussing Police? No, we aren't gonna commit this sin. Road Redemption also has police motorcycles chasing you, but be assured, they are pros like never before. 


Finally, we have the multiplayer option here, the user can not only play online but they can even team up as a squad to beat each other. 


Road Redemption also offers the gamer to choose a motorbike and customize it. As usual upon winning the game, the user will earn cash and rewards which can be used to unlock new motorcycles and customize it. 

All new features

All these new features with the combination of the Road Rash taste is all the Road Rash lovers were waiting for. The game is making an entry on October 5 on PC, Linux and OS X, so get ready to disconnect with the world and give yourself to the game. Hope you like the article, for more query connect with me at shreyansh@wittyfeed.com