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10 Best Augmented Reality Apps & Games Available For Android 

Here in 2017, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have grown significantly. Every tech company is focusing on improving this future tech. Google was already working on this tech for quite a while now and the recent AR show on 10th-anniversary iPhone launch proved Apple's focus on this tech as well. Well, the only AR most of us have experienced is the face filters on Instagram and Snapchat or the popular game from last year- Pokemon Go. But there is more to the story, as more and more game developers are building more AR friendly things, AR will surely see a great boost in the near future. 

1. Star Walk 2.

Star Walk 2 is a perfect app to experience AR with. Just download the app, once done open it and point the camera of your phone to the sky. The app will show you all the possible stars, planets and constellations on your phone screen. This is a great app for the people interested in the sky and the things above them. 

2. Google Translate.

Google Translate is one of the best apps which comes handy on various occasions. Google Translate has a feature which lets the user convert a text without actually typing it. The user can simply point the camera to the text and the app will translate the text in the default language. 

3. SketchAR. 

Many of us have interest in sketching and stuff but never able to do it properly. SketchAR can help with sketching in a smart way. All you need is a blank sheet to start with. Once in the app, the app will project sketch on the blank screen and then the user can draw according to the projected images.

4. Inkhunter. 

If you are planning to get a tattoo but doubt how it would look like on you, then Inkhunter is something you must check out. The app will project how a particular tattoo would look like. Also, all the effects are real-time, allowing the user to check the tattoo by moving the arm around the body. 

5. Ghost Snap AR.

If you have a VR headset, then you are so going to love this game with the lights OFF and VR ON. The game will access the camera in order to create horrific surroundings. All that the user needs to do is explore the surroundings and capture any strange happenings. 

6. Lumyer. 

Lumyer app works on the same concept as the filters in Snapchat but instead of live filters the user can manually add the filters once the image or the video is taken. Though the user will not be able to enjoy the real-time filters but the app still has many unique filters when compared to Snapchat or Instagram or even Facebook. 

7. Silent Streets. 

Silent Streets is an AR game which enables the user to walk around the places in order to find things and objects in AR format. The object? Well, the user needs to solve cases and the hidden items help to solve the mystery. 

8. IKEA Catalog. 

It is always fun to decorate our rooms and it gets better when we can virtually do that without placing any items at real-time. Well, IKEA app can be fun with its over 300+ items that can be placed around the empty places to get a clearer look of how the furniture and things will actually look like. 

9. WallaMe.

WallaMe lets the user write virtually on walls and the next time any person access the same wall with WallaMe, the wall will show the lines or drawing by the first person. Might sound weird but it is fun seeing the creativity of others with a virtual screen. 

10. Ingress. 

Ingress is in the AR way before the Pokemon Go. Ingress might not be as popular as Pokemon Go but still a very good game when AR comes into play. The user first needs to pick a side and once done, it will have to roam around the different places in order to save the places his side oath to protect.