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Best Alternatives To Windows Operating System That You Can Try

Most of us are using Windows ever since we were introduced to the PC world. Windows did get makeovers right from Windows 98 to Windows 10, but after every update, the feel remained almost the same. Considering this as something buggy and considering that you're looking for a switch from Windows, I'd like to tell you that you're totally at the right place. There are tons of options available when it comes to operating systems with each one having their own speciality. But not all of them are free and the user might need to pay huge for it. To solve this problem, we have listed down the best free alternatives for Windows OS that you should give a try if you are looking for a change. 

1. Linux Distro. 

There are tons of Linux Distro available. But why to prefer Linux? It is open-source with a lot of customisation available. There are many great Linux Distro available like Mint OS, Elementary OS who are great at looks and performance. For the people who are not a huge fan of looks, they can go for Ubuntu. It is not the above things that make Linux great but almost every (Ubuntu the most) Linux Distros performs great even at low specs. So if your PC is not handling the Windows that well, you can always switch to Ubuntu or other Linux OS for better performance. 

Other Linux Distros. 

Elementary OS is the most elegant Linux Distro I have ever used with very near to MacOS like feel. The customization is great and there are many themes which can turn this totally into MacOS in terms of look and feel. 


Deepin is another Linus based OS which feels totally like Mac. If the animation is your thing, you should give this one a try. 

2. Remix OS.

Love Android so much that you wish to have it on your PC or laptop? Then try Remix OS. Developed by Jide Technology, Remix OS is the most stable Android OS available for PCs. As an Android platform, it is just what Android does, every app that works on Android will work here so there are no issues of compatibility as far as the apps and games are concerned. The latest version of Remix OS is running on Marshmallow.

3. Phoenix OS.

The second Android OS on the list is Phoenix OS which is a great Windows alternative. Same as Remix OS, Phoenix OS is no different in performance but in a bit different in looks. The latest version of Phoenix OS is running on Nougat which is an Android update over Marshmallow. 

4. FreeBSD.

Apart from large Linux community, FreeBSD is another Open-source operating system that runs on UNIX. Running on UNIX, FreeBSD was first released in 1993 and have seen great updates since then. It works like any other computer operating system with a wide collection of third-party Linux programs. 

5. Chrome OS.

If you are an Internet person which we all are, the Chrome OS is very helpful. The best thing about Chrome OS is that it is smoother than any other OS because it is more of a browser rather than an OS. But that being said, Chrome OS has a large number of apps available to play around. It is not a perfect Windows alternative but if you are a Blogger or freelancer, you will enjoy having this. Hope the list will help you choose the best for you!