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15 Things You Never Knew 'Siri' Could Do

In the world where a normal user unlocks his smartphone about 110 times a day, it is essential to be smart. In the world of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or even Augmented Reality for that matter, let's take a step backwards and focus on the things which have been here for quite a while now. It doesn't matter which OS your smartphone is running on you must be having a Smart Assistant to help you in making the tasks easier. Google Assistant in Android, Cortana in WIndows, or even Siri in iOS, each one of them is better in something, but this isn't about the comparison but Siri alone. You might be using Siri since forever but here are 15 things that Siri can do that you probably might not know about. 

15. Make Siri read your emails.

Driving but still want to access your emails, well, Siri can do it for you. The user can ask Siri to 'Read my email', and Siri will read the emails loud. Even the user can specify the email to be accessed by giving a specific command like ' read my third email' or 'read the last email.'

14. Make a smart call.

This can come handy while driving; you can ask Siri to dial the last missed call you had. On asking Siri 'Call back my last missed call', Siri will call the latest number from your missed call directory. 

13. Random Password.

When you want a quick random password with characters limit, you can ask Siri to generate a random password for you. Just ask Siri, 'Random password' and Siri will get the work done. 

8. Fun Siri. 

Siri can be fun sometimes, on asking Siri 'Flip a coin', Siri will flip a coin for you and will show you a random result. Same is the case when you say 'Roll a dice', Siri will show random number possible on rolling a dice.

12. Toggle through Siri. 

You can toggle settings through Siri only, like toggling Wi-Fi, Airplane mode, etc. Just a straightforward command to Siri will get the work done. 

11. Texting without typing.

You can chat with people on WhatsApp without even picking your iPhone up. Even initiating a conversation is easy too. Just ask Siri to text a particular contact and Siri will redirect you to small chat screen. You can even give a voice command, and Siri will frame the message for you. 

9. Set a relationship with people. 

The saved contacts in your phone can be tagged as a relationship through Siri, so next time you will not need to speak up the name of the person but just the relationship. 

10. Get a nickname. 

You can assign a nickname that you want Siri to call you by. Also, you can ask an infinite number of times to Siri to change your nickname. 

7. Correct Siri. 

Sometimes it can happen that Siri pronounces a word in a different accent, not to worry you can ask Siri to change her accent. Just reply with 'That's not how you pronounce it' and Siri will show you certain other pronunciations.

6. Get your score updates. 

Siri can show you the latest and well-detailed results of the latest sports events. You can also tell Siri to keep you updated with the sports events you are interested in. Siri can also tell you random facts about the major sports events of the world. 

5. Tweet via Siri.

Siri just can not only send WhatsApp texts, but it can also Tweet for you. Yes, you will need to connect Siri with your Twitter account for once, and it'll be linked forever. Also, it is just not Twitter, but you can update Facebook status as well with the help of Siri. 

4. Identify the song. 

Siri can identify the song for you. For instance, you are out from home in a restaurant having your coffee but suddenly liked the song playing there that you eventually don't know. Well, just ask Siri 'which song is this' and place the phone near the speaker for 5.10 seconds, once done Siri will search for the song and will give you an option to buy it along with its album name. 

3. Find photos via Siri. 

Siri can help you in narrowing your search for a picture. For instance, you can search for a picture taken at a particular place, show you all the pictures you took in January, or the ones you took in London.

2. Quick converter. 

Converting currencies, kgs to pounds, Celsius into Fahrenheit is just a two-second task for Siri. Just feed in everything you want to convert and Siri will show you the results within seconds. Also, Siri can be used as a calculator too so if you have a heavy transaction to be calculated then feeding it to Siri can save a lot of time.