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15 Important Things To Know Before Buying iPhone X & 8 

The 10th anniversary iPhone X landed in all its glory recently, and the fandom is loving the iPhone X which is tagged as "The future of smartphones" and everything seems very attractive on papers. Though it was not just iPhones which made entry but as an iPhone launch event let's keep this sticking to iPhones. iPhone X may be a dream come true for many but there are certain things to remember if in any case, you are thinking to get an iPhone X. It doesn’t go up for pre-order until October 27th so it gives you a lot of time to think before making a final decision. This article might help you with clearing whether to spend an extra dollars on X variant or not. So without wasting any time let's get started. 

15. It is not X

Most of you might know it by now that the 10th-anniversary version of Apple is iPhone X where X is written as ten in Roman number format. 

14. Selfie-portrait

The Portrait shots which we used to take via the rear camera of iPhone so far is now available in the front sensor of iPhone X, though it might not be as accurate on Portrait part but the sample images and reviews look great so far. So those who are unaware, Portrait shots blur the background by separating it from the main object.

13. Camera

If a camera is your thing then you should skip the iPhone 8 and instead think of getting iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. Both of these phones have dual camera setup and a better picture output. 

12. On battery percentage

If you want battery percentage in front of your eyes all the time then iPhone X can disappoint you. The top cut-out gives less space to fit in many items and hence Apple has removed the support for battery percentage. Though to check the battery percentage, the user will need to pull the Notification Center. 

11. App support

Developers can add support to go full screen with the front sensor cut-out but if the support is not added, then the whole top part will look blacked out just like any normal phone. 

10. Video Cropping

The front sensors of the phone can crop the video playback which might cut the important part of the video. Well, luckily the video will be played in 16:9 ratio which means the video will not get cropped until the user plays it in all bezel-less mode. 

9. How to take a screenshot

To take a screenshot in iPhones till now, the user needed to press Home + Power button simultaneously but as iPhone X has no Home button, it makes it trickier to take screenshots. Now in iPhone X, the user will need to press Volume Down and Power button simultaneously to take a screenshot.

8. Notification Preview

As the top sensors of iPhone X cover the top centre part of the phone, the preview notification will have a different view. The notification preview will shift to a little down from the sensor. 

7. Notification Lock

Face ID of the iPhone X allows the user to unlock the Notification from the lock screen, it means the user can access the notification by just looking at the lock screen.

 6. Powerful Chip

Coming with one of the fastest chip ever, the new iPhone series is rocking A11 Bionic Chip SoC. The new chip has already scored an insane Multi-Core Score which even beats many Intel PC chip. 

5. Reachability

iPhone 8 & X no longer support the Reachability that means the new iPhone will be a hard thing to manage with one hand. Also, now as iPhone X totally works on gestures, to pull the Notification Centre the user will need to take the finger to the top-right corner, which is a hard spot for a right-hand user. 

4. Fast Charging

iPhone X and 8 support Fast Charging but you will not be able to enjoy the Fast Charge out of the box because the out-of-the-box charger is not a Fast Charger. The user will need to buy the charger from Apple Store. The cost will be around $79. 

3. Face ID will support only one face

Unlike Touch ID which allows the user to set multiple fingers to unlock the phone, Face ID can only have one face fed at a given time. So if you like to share your phone with someone else, then Passcode will be the only option for them to get into your phone. 

2. Is Face ID secure?

Apparently, Face ID is very secure. There have been many questions regarding Face ID that if it could scan the face with glasses on. According to Apple, for the most part, Face ID is not dependent on the colour of the skin and beard, but it scans the 3D mockup of the face. Face ID also scans the user's eyes with IR light to unlock the phone so if you are sleeping *with your eyes closed* then no one will actually be able to unlock your phone with just your face alone. 

1. Face ID didn't fail at the time of launch. 

If you saw the launch of iPhone X then you must remember the creepy Face ID fail. But that actually wasn't a fail, yes, if we focus on the phone screen at the time it showed the error, we can clearly see the Passcode was required in order to activate the Face ID. This could have been due to the phone must have been restarted before the event, but it was definitely not a fail. Although the first and last points won't affect your decision to purchase it or not to purchase it, they were some added information for you. Share the story and choose wisely.