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15 Coolest iOS 11 Features You Didn't Know About

Apple iOS 11 is finally here after a long run of developers preview. While the list of iPhones eligible for the update is huge,  iPad, iPod has got the latest iOS update. If you are an iPhone user with iPhone 5s or above then you are surely going to get the iOS 11 update if you haven't already. With iOS 11, Apple has introduced many changes including UI and security updates. Though some of the features might not be any new to the Android world, it is always great to have new tweak and tricks on the floor. From the Dark Mode to a new screen recorder app there is so much that iOS 11 has got that is hard to sum up. So in this article, we have summed up the top 15 cool features of iOS 11. 

1. Dark Mode

iOS 11 has a Dark Mode which enables the display to go all dark, better for usage in dark places. To activate, go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Display Accommodations> Smart Invert. 

2. Screenshots

With iOS 11, iPhone has seen some changes in Screenshot tools. The user can now edit the screenshots directly with the tools like pen, brush, eraser, shapes, text. 

3. Flash intensity

The flash intensity can be adjusted now, thanks to iOS 11. Long-pressing on flashlight will offer to switch between the intensity level of the flashlight. 3D Touch can also be used to access the intensity level. 

4. Screen Recording

So far the user needs to use their Mac in order to record the screen for iPhones. But with iOS 11 the screen recording feature can be accessed from within phone itself. The user can also give an audio input for the screen recording. To activate, go to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls> Screen Recording and then just add it to the Control Center screen by tapping the "green icon."

5. Better Airplane mode

In the previous generation of iOS, while toggling Airplane mode, the system used to forget the Wi-Fi & Bluetooth status. But with iOS 11, it is going to remember the settings and perform accordingly. 

6. Apple Pay via Message

iOS 11 supports transferring fund from one account to another with the help of Message. The fund can be transferred to Apple Pay balance or in the bank account. The user also has an option to request some fund from another user. Also, though the users will not be able to use it right away, this feature will get live by Christmas this year. 

7. Echo effect

If you are a fan of animation and effects, then you are so going to love the new iMessage format. The new iMessage comes with a scrolling effect of Echo and Spotlight effect. 

8. Store iMessages on iCloud

Though this feature is still not yet out, but it is scheduled to come very soon for iOS 11 users. This means now the messages will be synced between Mac and your iPhone. This feature won't be live until the release of MacSierra.

9. File

Apple's new File Manager app is now available for iPhones. If you don't find Google Drive, Dropbox, Box app in the main menu that means it will be visible in File Manager. 

10. QR Code

The inbuilt camera app can now scan QR Code directly so there is ultimately no need of a third-party app to scan QR Codes. All the user has to do is point the camera in front of the QR Code and the app will show you the result of it. 

11. FaceTime outgoing tone

Earlier FaceTime used to have the awkward outgoing ringtone which was annoying. But with iOS 11, FaceTime has got a ringtone makeover with a more decent and subtle outgoing ringtone. 

12. Persistent Notification

I don't know if the user will ever enable this but Persistent Notification will make a notification stay forever until the user manually swipes it away to dismiss it. It is useful for the important apps that the user never want to miss. 

13. Offload Apps

Offload Apps can save the precious phone storage big time. Offload Apps feature basically allows the user to uninstall the app while keeping its user data safe. So the user can reinstall the app anytime with the same user data. 

14. GIFs are finally supported

Earlier GIF file used to stay still in the gallery app just like any other picture. With iOS 11 it is not the same case anymore, the GIFs will appear in automatic "Animated" album. 

15. Hide Notification preview

Earlier this feature was available for selected apps only which allowed the user to hide the Notification preview. But with iOS 11, this support has been extended to almost every app the user can have on his phone.