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Top 10 Amazing iPhone Features You Didn't Know About Previously

Apple as a company always finds a way to revolutionize the industry it takes part in. The 'one more thing' which was started by Steve Jobs has over the years transcended into company's folklore and entered into their products and services. It might be argued that iPhones don't pack as many features as an android phone does but they are unique in their own right. We are here to tell you that iPhones do pack quite many features, only for them to not reveal them in the open. There are features such as gesture control, typing assists, camera assists, network assists etc. So we at WittyFeed would like to tell you about ten such iPhone features you didn't know about previously. Spoiler alert: One of them can actually save your life!

1. Field test mode.

This mode enables you to gauge the signal strength in a particular area. Usually, almost all the mobile phones allow this feature to be enabled straight away, it's a little bit tricky in Apple phones.

Dial *3001#12345#*

According to the Business Insider, you can enter the field test mode by opening the phone app and dialing the number *3001#12345#*. This would open the field test mode but you don't need to worry about that. All you need to worry about is the number on the top left which denotes the signal strength. 

2. Brightness issue.

Sadly iPhones have a battery life as short as a Goldfish's memory span. One can easily adjust the brightness but then the problem comes with regards to adjusting the brightness again when one has to show QMR codes at the airports or movies. We have a trick for you.

Use the passbook app.

The passbook app in iPhone automatically adjusts the brightness so we would suggest you to save the pdf in the wallet or passbook app to enable a seamless transition. 

3.  Self-destruct.

No, this feature won't destruct your iPhone like it does in movies, instead, it would erase all your data in case it detects the iPhone is with someone else apart from the actual owner. How to enable it? 

Enable via Touch ID and Passcode settings.

To enable this feature, one needs to go into the Touch ID and Passcode page in settings and enable the feature of Erase Data. This would erase all your iPhone data should someone enter the Touch ID Passcode wrongly for 10 times in a row. Another reason to keep your iPhone away from children. 

4. Siri.

Turns out, Siri is much more useful than just setting alarms and reminders. Many functions of Siri are quite underused such as singing a song, telling a joke, it can even beatbox! In case you're looking for something useful, you can ask Siri to recognize the song that's being played without opening any third party app and for the health conscious person, it even tells the number of calories in food. 

5. Type faster.

iPhones had one of the worse non-convenient keyboards which made typing a lot difficult and slower than it used to be. So to speed up the slower typist in you, we present you these tricks

Tricks to type faster.

1. Turn on quick words - This would enable the suggestion to pop up of the word you're tying as well as the next word.2. Hold the 123 key - To insert a punctuation mark, one has to press 123 key, select the mark, press the abc key and return. To counter this, one can just hold the 123 key, swipe to the desired punctuation and it'll go back to the abc keyboard automatically. These tips are guaranteed to speed up your typing speed. 

6. Shake to undo.

This trick comes in handy for people who are prone to typo errors. In case you accidentally made a mistake or deleted something, you can just shake your iPhone and it'll prompt you to undo typing. Unfortunately, it won't undo the drunk texts you sent your ex-girlfriend. 

7. Satisfying your inner grammar nazi.

We know the pain of being a grammar nazi, you need everything in place, even the periods. So it becomes quite hectic to press the 123 key, insert the full stop and go back. Thankfully, two taps of the space bar does the same trick. Press the space bar twice and it'll automatically insert a full stop while placing the cursor in the perfect position to start a new sentence. 

8. Medical details in case of emergency.

This is one feature we hope you'll never need to use but it's quite handy so we're mentioning it. When you open the medical app, you can input various details such as blood group, any allergies you have etc. In case someone needs to access your medical details in case of emergency, This can be accessed from the home screen under the Emergency Call tab.

9. Custom ringtones.

Missing calls from your boss is a nightmare scenario but this feature can save your life...and job. You can head over to the contact information page, press edit and you can set custom ringtones and vibrations so the next time your boss calls you, you won't miss the call.

10. Camera Tricks.

It goes without saying that the iPhone has one of the most amazing cameras around, they always bring something new to the table but many people don't know about the tricks one can do with the camera.

Take Snapchat video without holding the shutter.

When one enters accessibility mode, he/she has an option to set a custom pattern which would let you record a 10-second Snapchat video hands-free, it's quite the handy features for those looking to film themselves. Did you like the content? Make sure to like, comment and share.