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How To Use 'Instant Apps' On Your Android Devices?

Because Instant Articles is too mainstream, Google introduced a concept of Instant Apps a while back, which seems all attractive and helpful.  Have you ever Googled to buy an item? After clicking its link, it redirects you to Play Store and forces you to download the app instead of taking you to its website. I think, we all have faced this. But thanks to Android developers, we now have something called Instant Apps, which allows you to use the app without actually installing it. To cut it short, app developers can create their Android app in a way that functionality of all the apps they create (as long as the size is less than 4MB) can be compromised into an instant layout. This allows the user to avoid downloading the app and still enjoy all its functions.     There is no issue in downloading apps. But most of us end up not using the app after its first-time use. So, it is better to avoid another bloatware on the phone and follow a shortcut that will not only save space in your precious storage but will also improve the device performance due to the fewer apps installed on the device.      Now as you know Instant Apps can save you with all this trouble, let's see how you can use Instant Apps on your Android mobile phone.         

Step 1. 

Firstly, jump onto settings, you will see Google option or Accounts option in the settings.  

Step 2. 

Once in the Google Settings, you will see some options like this. If the Android version of your device is running on supports like Instant Apps, then you will see Instant Apps option. Just tap on that. If you are not finding options like this, then you can try Google Settings App, which is available in your main menu.   

Step 3.  

On tapping Instant Apps, you will see Instant Apps is disabled by default. You can enable it from the same screen.   

Step 4. 

Upon enabling Instant Apps, you will be required to accept some policies. Once done, you are good to use Instant Apps.  

Step 5. 

As Instant Apps is new to the Android world, not many developers have added support for it. But those who did it can use them easily. Just Google for a website and it will tell you whether app has the support. If the Instant Apps for the same is available, you will see Instant against the site name.          

Step 6. 

If the app supports Instant layout, then it will prompt you to select between using App or continue with the browser.  

Step 7. 

Upon selecting Instant Apps, you will be redirected to the Instant version, which looks like the app only. You will also see a 'Flash' icon on the right side of the status bar.    

Step 8. 

You can also manage Instant Apps from the Google Settings> Instant Apps.