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8 Daily Activities That You Can't Pull-Off In Space

Has the mere thought of living or going on a space expedition given you butterflies? Or your excitement just doubles by reading about it? Then you might want to watch that excitement because the facts that I bring to you are going to certainly burst that sweet little bubble of yours. The time span or life in space or whatever you wish to say is far different from your happy and easy life on earth. You might be thinking obviously, but some things would be just too much for you to digest. You would need to stick to packaged food, no shower days or even worse no beer. Below are some of the daily to do activities that we cannot do in space.

1. Astronauts cannot take a shower

Taking a shower or even washing your hair can be a hell lot of task given you are in space. The gravity doesn't help either and there is no chance you can let those water droplets float all around. 

This is how we cry on earth

When on earth we let our tears slid down, deep down in the ground. The gravitational force is the reasons our tears slide down our cheeks.

2. And you can't cry in space

'Your eyes will definitely cry in space,' he said. 'But the big difference is tears don't fall. So grab a hankie.' Astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrates the phenomenon of human tears in space.Gravity certainly does exist, but objects in orbit are in continuous free fall, effectively falling sideways in a gradual loop around the planet. When those space tears build up enough liquid mass, they'll actually break free of the eye and float around. Do you wish to see your tears floating around? Certainly no!Source

3. Burping

Since space is all about zero gravity, it means that in zero gravity if an astronaut burps, they have the risk of releasing some of these food particles in a "wet" burp! It is because space makes the contents of an astronaut's belly float near a valve at the top of their stomach. This valve does not close completely, as it typically relies on Earth's gravity to keep all the digesting food down below where it belongs.Source

4. You cannot use normal pens in space.

As everything revolves around zero gravity, using of normal ball point pens is impossible in space. Pens rely on gravity to get ink from the lead to the tip or nib. Hence, our normal pens are just useless but just in the space.

Russians tried using pencil in space

When the Russians thought of using pencils when Pen had shortcomings, they probably missed something. The graphite in pencil lead is made of carbon, extremely flakey, and highly flammable. Plus, if the lead breaks there are chances that it might get into somebody's eyes or hurt in any manner.Source

Another alternative to pen

Mechanical pencil happens to be the second alternative to be used by the astronauts during space expeditions for writing and marking purposes.

Using a sharpie

Sharpie felt-tip is the most commonly used tool because it can be used to write on almost any surface, including plastic bags and fabric.

5. You cannot keep the correct track of time.

Courtesy to the zero gravity and distance, astronauts cannot keep a check on the correct time. They remain synchronized to a Terran time zone. Obvious choices are either Houston time of GMT-5 or Moscow time of GMT+3. But this would result in an 8-hour time difference for one of the ground control stations.

6. Astronauts cannot wash their clothes.

Yes, they don't wash their clothes. The reason being the water droplets do not fall instead float in a bubble form and them floating can cause a lot of problems in the spaceship. But, they carry extra sets of clothing to avoid laundry situations anytime soon.Source

Taking it easy

If it becomes a necessary thing for the astronaut to take a shower or clean himself, the easiest way is to sponge bath. It saves water and the chances of it spilling and floating is greatly reduced. Even for head washes, dry shampoo is preferred.

7. You cannot release garbage in space

We produce huge amounts of garbage every day, all around the world. That’s a lot of trash. We are experiencing problems in what to do with all of this trash as we feel we are falling short of space to dump this garbage or even recycling isn't helping. So the best way? Dump it in the space. Who cares what's going in there? The amount of space trash has become so much that it is currently causing problems with the various satellites and hazards to the space stations. Also, this moving trash is dangerous as it can collide with satellites and cause damages.Source

8. NASA and Beer

NASA astronauts are banned from drinking alcohol in space. The beer has its own problems in space. For one, beer and cola lose their carbonation in this zero gravity. And drink without carbonation is such a waste. Carbonation, as mentioned earlier makes you burp. And in space, all the food you eat floats to the top of your stomach. So you eventually end up vomiting every time you take a sip. Another reason why carbonated drinks are usually less preferred and the food is also specially packaged and preserved.Share this interesting piece of information with all your friends.