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10 Vintage Video Games That Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memories

90's Mario > The Last of USThough we never had 60fps or 4K gaming back in 90's; but those were the golden days of our lives. Even the PlayStations and Xbox aren't as appealing as 144p resolution Mario and Contra. Believe me or not, every champion gamer of today grew up playing these simple yet amazing games. If you are a 90's kid, then we are sure that you are going to love this a lot! Today, we have compiled the ten most famous games of 90's that are not only the favourite of every 90's gamer but have the potential to amaze even the next-gen game lovers. So check this list out and also don't forget to share the same with your friends. 

#1 Minesweeper

This preloaded single player game on Windows machine was all time fun. The hidden mine always used to get the best of us.Frankly, none of us ever completed this game no matter how hard we tried, but yeah in case you did, take a bow!

#2 Road Rash

Probably the first ever racing game most of us played, and the game from where our journey started.Also, who can forget those moments when we used to snatch the chain and baseball bat from the bikers. 

#3 Contra

The first ever multiplayer game or I should say Call Of Duty of 90's. It doesn't matter how many upgrades the developers induce into the newer versions, but the Contra and Super Contra will be the two favourite Contra games ever. 


Now not many of us have played this game, but those who played this title, know how hard it was to drift and apply the brakes in this game. 

#5 Dangerous Dave

That gun and jetpack were love. And who can forget that nostalgic music? Simply love.

#6 Prince of Persia

The old DOS game from Broderbund Soft. Inc. was full of unexpected dangers. The game was a treat for Contra lovers.  

#7 Winning Eleven 8

The pride of scoring a goal used to be incredible. The fact that this game used to support multiple players at that time made this a treat for many soccer lovers. 

#8 Charlie Circus

This six-level game used to give an Olympic kind of feeling. It was always like we are competing in the real summer Olympics.