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Redmi 4: Full Review After 4 Months Of Heavy Use 

With many Chinese phone makers entering the Indian market, there are tons of budget choices available to pick a device from. Just name a price bracket, and you will be flooded with options, but the only thing that might disappoint you is that there are not many branded devices available offering decent specs. Luckily, around four months back while scrolling through a website (Discussed in the end), we found Redmi 4x (32GB) at just Rs 6500, the same device which will cost you around Rs 9000 in India and obviously we bought it right away. Now, the Redmi 4x is being sold in India with the name tag of Redmi 4 but there is no difference in both the devices (4x is the global variant while 4 is an Indian variant).The device is still very new to India and still the best you can get under Rs 10000, so here we are with a review of Redmi 4 or 4x after using it for 4 months.  


Starting the things off with the display, on paper specs is not at all appealing and a 5-inch 720p display is what we get. But here is a deal, the screen is small, that helps in retaining the quality, and I never felt that I am texting or watching a movie on a 720p display. The super vivid display looks great and trust me, you will not feel it be any cheaper.The one thing that I faced issue with is the sunlight visibility of the display. Even at full brightness level, the screen doesn't look optimized, and you might want to avoid using it on a sunny day.The 2.5D display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass and in these 4 months of usage, we did drop it a couple of times but everything went smooth.


Now we all know that device is powered with Snapdragon 435 which is not very powerful but not weak either. The octa-core processor handles the day-to-day task very well and we didn't face any problem with games like Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat too.The fact that Snapdragon 435 is a power efficient processor also helped the battery to last longer.


There are three variants of this device available, the one we have comes with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Everyone knows how heavy MIUI can go and I did face it. In the long list of apps installed, the phone will end up giving 700MB of free RAM just like Nexus 5, but the twist is that Nexus 5 has got only 2GB as RAM. Though this doesn't mean that the device hangs even a bit. But a lighter version of MIUI would have been appreciated.  


Though Xiaomi devices are not having a great reputation when it comes to the build quality, Redmi 4x is something that can change the records. We agree that no harsh tests were performed on the device, just a couple of mistaken drops but everything went well.Being a 5-inch device, the device is small and compact and is perfect for the people who love compact devices. Also, the device is heavy, and it may take a day or two to get used to it. The back of the phone is also slightly slippery so a skin is recommended. 


Everyone knows MIUI is heavy skin. Coming from devices like Nexus and Pixel, I never liked MIUI, but as the days passed, I started liking it. There are many customization options like dual apps, second screen, skins, and others. Definitely I like MIUI, but still, I would love to switch to stock Android any day, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. 


The device has 4100mAh non-removable battery and thanks to an efficient processor, and a 720p display, the device easily lasts for 2 days with single full charge.The only frustrating thing is the charge time, though the device comes with 2.0Amp charger the device takes upto 2-2.5 hours to charge.The device will not heat up, but yes the charging time is huge!


The camera is always an issue with budget segment devices. Redmi 4x is kind of a neutral here, the camera output is good with good coloring, range and detailing. The problem I had was the processing while we click images, the shutter speed is good but the user will definitely need to keep the device still while clicking images otherwise the photo may come blurry and out of range. 

Bright-light camera sample.

The 13-megapixel camera can take decent images.

Brightlight camera sample.

Yes, I actually have these books!

Low-light camera sample.

Sample camera output.


After 4 months of usage, all I see is that the device is still in a good condition on both hardware and software aspect.Pros:1. Good build and looks2. Good performance3. Fast fingerprintCons:1. Okayish camera2. Brightness level3. Slippery backNow after using this device for quite a while and comparing them with the other devices available in the market, I can simply state that Redmi 4 (4x) is worth a buy.Also, I would recommend buying the device from Bang good because the device can cost you way less here.