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All You Need To Know About Facebook's Tool That Alerts Users To Fake News

Facebook is launching a new tool that will help users identify fake news in their stories. It will be an educational tool which will allow users to go through a tutorial that will help them detect fake stories and shut them down before it goes viral. Fake news tends to mislead people about so many things, and it is better off being shut down before it gets out of hand and affects a lot of people. You can find out more about Facebook's new tool here. Read also: Mark Zuckerberg Confesses His Mistakes On Facebook

You will be able to spot fake news on Facebook. 

Mark Zuckerberg and his team have introduced a new tool which will easily detect fake news spreading on the internet so that people can shut it down before it goes out to the masses. 

You will receive a prompt message along with the news. 

For this tool, Facebook has worked with fact-checking organisations in the UK to prevent false news from going viral for the wrong reasons. 

They are working on the app's inbuilt fact-recognition system. 

The updates will be made within the app, and the facts of a particular story will be taken back to the fact-checking organisations so that they can review the story. 

Sources will be investigated as well. 

Once the story is out, the related sources will be investigated for the authenticity of the news. Users will immediately know if the story is real or fake. 

Facebook is doing everything they can. 

They want to generate more and more accurate news on Facebook, so such measures had to be taken.

Currently, 99% of the news on Facebook is true. 

There might be some false stories on Facebook, but the majority are definitely authentic. To weed out even the 1% of hoaxes, Facebook is taking preventive measures. 

The updates will be made available soon. 

Facebook is making sure the news that is appearing on the social networking site is 100% real without any hoaxes. Users will be able to view the updates pretty soon. 

Check out Mark Zuckerberg's post for more info.